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  1. disable seatbelt chime

    4.3 Interior
    I disabled the extended seat belt chime years ago with Techstream. No chime at all for passenger side, and driver's side has the minimum 5 beeps required by law instead of the enhanced warnings that Toyota programs in. After turning this "feature" off with Techstream, it has never come back...
  2. Looking for photos of underfloor storage / tailgate area.

    4.3 Interior
    I have a collection of photos here that might help you out:
  3. Blown power outlets

    4.3 Interior
    Duh, it's your defective phone charger!!
  4. Cargo area cover plate

    4.3 General
    For all you hunters out there, I have found that a shotgun fits in there too! :)
  5. Extended Warranty Cost Haggle

    4.5 Rav4 Electric Hybrid
    You could have gotten it for $1360 from Jennifer... Check your inbox for a PM.
  6. Found a 1998 Rav4 (2-door)

    4.1 General
    What an amazing find! And it's a ragtop, no less! These are getting very rare--I've never seen one in the wild where I live. About those miles--Does the odometer still count miles when the vehicle is being towed in Neutral?
  7. Abs, Vsc, 4wd and intermittent seat belt light

    4.3 Mechanical
    When you left the vehicle for a month was it outdoors? Perhaps rain leaked in and got into the dash and wiring harnesses. Rain can come in through a leaky sunroof, bad windshield seal, or even through the cowl in front of the windshield.
  8. Continious Beep After Shut Down

    4.3 General
    It's probably beeping to warn you that there is another fob left in the car. I'll bet when your wife rides with you and leaves her fob at home it doesn't do this.
  9. Connections for steering wheel audio controls with aftermarket head unit

    4.3 Interior
    Yes, the 5 post limit is to prevent spammers from joining and posting links and photos which are advertisements and/or scams.
  10. 2010 Rav4 stereo/amp trouble

    4.3 Interior
    I sent you a private message yesterday.
  11. Starting problems

    4.3 Mechanical
    The starter could have a bad spot. Had this on a Nissan once. Sometimes, the brushes would come to rest on the bad spot, and tapping it sharply with a hammer would move the rotor just enough to start. Replaced the starter and it was fine after that.
  12. 2010 Rav4 stereo/amp trouble

    4.3 Interior
    Somehow you got water in a wiring harness connector. The vehicle speed sensor signal is used by the audio system to regulate the volume according to speed. Also, the VSS is used by the NAV system to prevent using certain functions while in motion. Finally, there is a wire in the audio wiring...
  13. Panic Alarm Relay / Fuse Location

    4.3 General
    When you press and hold the red button on the remote, the panic alarm is activated. The body control module actuates the horn relay and light circuits. This function can be turned off with Techstream or by the dealer. I turned mine off because it would sometimes go off when bending down to pick...
  14. Need help... Diagnosing challenge !! 2008 Sport horn doesn't work

    4.3 General
    You need to apply 12 volts directly to the horns to make sure they actually work. It could be a simple wiring problem from the relay to the horns. Or maybe they got unplugged somehow. When you press the horn button, can you hear the relay click? You might need to put your ear right up to it...
  15. Bugflector/Stone Deflector

    4.3 Exterior
    I installed a Wade deflector. I went with the clear for the stealthy appearance. Best 40-some dollars I ever spent at Amazon:
  16. Need help... Diagnosing challenge !! 2008 Sport horn doesn't work

    4.3 General
    The "clock spring" or what Toyota calls the "Spiral Cable" would not affect the horn sounding with the panic button, only the steering wheel button.
  17. How do I fix this?

    4.2 General
    This shift override button will allow you to shift out of Park even if the battery is dead so you can roll the vehicle in neutral or tow it.
  18. Beeping sound driving thru curves (and occasional brakes kicking in automatically)

    4.2 Faults & Fixes
    1. With handbrake on, pump brake pedal twice (then release handbrake) 2. Hold down brake pedal, pump handbrake twice (then release brake pedal) 3. With handbrake on, pump brake pedal twice (then release handbrake) Notice that lines 1&3 are the same, and that line 2 is the just the reverse...
  19. Would you buy another RAV4?

    4.4 General
    My oldest daughter just bought a 2015 RX350 to replace her troublesome Odyssey and got a great deal on the Lexus. It's got everything, plus it looks and drives like brand new. If I were to replace my V6 RAV4, the only RAV that would interest me is the hybrid version. And if they come out with...
  20. Windshield replacement

    4.3 Mechanical
    Make sure you insist on good quality glass. There's a lot of cheap stuff out there now that has optical distortions. A couple of really good brands are PGW and Pilkington.
1-20 of 181 Results