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  1. Tow Hitch

    4.4 Exterior
    Curt hitch I installed the Curt hitch yesterday, and it really is as easy as the posts here suggest - maybe 35 min by myself and a nice, clean fit!
  2. winter tire selection

    4.4 Exterior
    Winter tires = good! I've run Blizzaks and Michelin X-Ices and found both to be good - slight edge to the Bridgestones in deeper snow.
  3. Just ordered '14 Limited with Technology

    4.4 General
    OE Homelink The part number for the Toyota Homelink transmitter for the 4.4 Rav4 is 00016-42022.
  4. RAV4 DRLs

    4.4 Exterior
    Took the plunge with these LED DRLs... I decided to give these 2013-specific LED DRLs a try: Toyota RAV4 2013 2014 Chrome Grille Vent LED Daytime Running Lights Guide DRL | eBay. It was finally warm enough in Minnesota this weekend to spend quality time in the garage, and I was pleasantly...
  5. Saved from the scrapyard!

    4.1 General
    Oh, the burden of Empire It is certainly heartwarming to see that colonial attitudes are alive and well in Merrie Old England and the Island of Penal Transportation. Perhaps someday you will join the civilized world, where people recognize that the harm done by racial slurs is measured by the...
  6. Saved from the scrapyard!

    4.1 General
    Just a polite observation, Cureforsanity: the term "Jap" is just as offensive and inappropriate as "the N word" or other preparative references to ethnicity. Electrons are free - you can spell out "Japanese" for free, and then not appear to be a bloody racist.
  7. Door Sill Appliques

    4.4 Interior
    Toyota part number is PT747-42130 per the label on the set in my office.
  8. Can front park sensors be installed aftermarket

    4.4 Exterior
    Really is for current model If you look at the RAV4 being illustrated in the instructions, it is very clearly the current (4.4) model. Don't always believe file names/titles....
  9. Can front park sensors be installed aftermarket

    4.4 Exterior
    Instructions exist There are detailed instructions on how to install a factory front-bumper sensor kit on the Toyota-EU site. The file is too large to attach...go to...
  10. Cargo box on factory cross bars?

    4.4 Exterior
    Thule good stuff! I have a Thule Combi box that is now 15+ years old - still water tight and solid. I'l be moving it from the factory roof rails on my '04 Sienna to my 320-mile old 2013 RAV4 Ltd and expect no problems.
1-10 of 10 Results