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  1. 2020 Ebrochure is Available

    4.5 General
    I noticed this today as well. Took them a while to make it available.
  2. ABS Car Door Lock Covers Protection Trim Decor

    4.5 General
    It won't rust on you. I saw some the other day which were kind of a cool anodized color. Looked nice but they're just for aesthetics.
  3. Seat warmers not heating. Solution?

    4.5 Interior
    Yes, please post a follow up. I'm very disappointed the seats don't get warmer. Mine are on high constantly and you can barely feel the warmth.
  4. PICS ONLY! RAV Scenic Pics!

    4.5 Exterior
    I got up in to some pretty deep snow and she did great! Got up there pretty early still dark about 7am in the first pic. Ok, no Rav in this pic but thought I would add it anyway : )
  5. Samsung S10 crashes stereo software!!!!

    4.5 Interior
    I have a Galaxy S10+ and don't have any restart issues. I'm also synced and able to see all my contact names without issue. I'm guessing your phone OS is up-to-date. Have you tried using a cable or a different cable? I know someone who was having issues (not with a Rav4) but turned out to be a...
  6. I have the 7inch dash display, but am jealous of those with 4.2inch display?

    4.5 General
    @JFox562 yes, I was trying last week to see if that could be changed to MPH in the lower left while having the analog shown, but no luck. Agreed, would be nice.
  7. I have the 7inch dash display, but am jealous of those with 4.2inch display?

    4.5 General
    OP's question was "does anyone else find it annoying that the 4.2inch display gets digital speedometer with miles to empty but the 7inch display doesn't?" That option is there. With the 7 inch screen you can have digital speedometer with miles to empty. Secondly they state they would love to...
  8. I have the 7inch dash display, but am jealous of those with 4.2inch display?

    4.5 General
    I have it. It must be a setting in the configurations.
  9. OT: VW's trailer backup assist ad

    4.5 General
    That's awesome... haha ... I want :)
  10. 2020 TRD

    4.5 General
    I just got mine 9 days ago. I love it. It is definitely quieter with the hood blanket. It also has a sound deadening material in the wheel wells. I didn't notice this when I bought it but the next day I was checking it out. It's almost like a thick felt material right above the wheels, on the...
  11. Toyota dynamic navigation

    4.5 Rav4 Electric Hybrid
    I found the built in Maps to be ok, but haven't played around with it much. I waited and went with the 2020 Rav4 so that I could use Android Auto with Google Maps. Never had Android Auto before, but I'm really liking the ease of use. If I didn't have Android Auto I would still be using Google...
  12. 2020 RAV4 TRD Off Road Review

    4.5 General
    True, it's definitely not a rock climber but it's perfect for what I need. I went out on some forest service roads so see how good she does and it was great. got in to some snow, mud and rocky conditions and handled very well. The tires performed really well, much better than the all season...
  13. 2020 RAV4 TRD Off Road Review

    4.5 General
    Thanks for writing up your review. I just got my TRD tonight! So excited to hit some trails and see what she can really do.
  14. Hella Supertones on my XLE Premium

    4.5 Exterior
    Can you help me understand why? I've seen a few posts about this and I must be missing something. I think I've only used my horn once in the last month... maybe I'm just doing it all wrong ;)
  15. Ramps

    4.5 Mechanical
    Yes, tire rotation and winter wheel swap. The ramps are really just to make an oil change easier then by way of driving up on ramps instead of the jack stands? I feel like I'm missing something, but maybe it's just as simple as that. Jack stands seem to be the way to go as they cover more...
  16. Ramps

    4.5 Mechanical
    Wow, super cool but super more than I would want to spend. What are you guys ramping/jacking for? I can see oil change or maybe just checking out undercarriage for damage or skids, but what else?
  17. - RAV4 TIRE FIT LIST - [Updated]

    R4W Announcements
    Yes, I'm curious to see the Tire Fitment List as well if anyone can fix or re post that.
1-17 of 17 Results