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  1. Opinion on tail light

    4.1 Accessories
    Hi!, It is all a matter of taste, but they are quite expensive. I like them very much but not without upgrading the whole car. The lights should be part of a plan to upgrade the whole apearance, otherwise it is like a Dutch saying: een vlag op een modderschuit, meaning one very nice item on...
  2. Best way to put an on/off switch on my ABS?

    4.1 D.I.Y. and Modifications
    In my humble opinion ABS will always give you the shortest stop to a halt due to the fact that when you are braking without ABS you will respond to the first wheel that looses grip by releasing brakepressure. The other 3 wheels, that had enough tracktion, are now not slowing you down to there...
  3. RAV4 runs over owner

    RAV Lounge
    In the Netherlands, leaving a car with a running engine, is considered gross negligence and will cause a nice fine and in case of an accident criminal procedings. Henri
  4. To Replace or To Not Replace - Battery

    4.3 General
    You are absolutly correct: twice as expensive, but: When a lead-acid battery comes below about 30% it's unusable and must be replaced. A spiral gel can go to empty without damage. It is smaller, lighter and withstands vibrations. Can even be used up-Side-down. And has an expected lifespan...
  5. To Replace or To Not Replace - Battery

    4.3 General
    Optima Redtop spiral cell battery! All my cars(Mitsubishi pajero. MR S and RAV4.1 ) have them on board. Good USA technology. In my caravan in wich I go on wintersport in the Alps there are two yellowtops. They are great and do not suddenly die on you. Henri
  6. Plan on keeping your RAV4 for a few years? Better do this 2-minute mod.

    4.4 General
    Hi, I'm new. Just as a remark: don't seal it off too good, wet is one thing but unable to dry makes the real damage! Gtz Henri
  7. New here.

    Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm Henri from the Netherlands. Bought a RAV4.1 1998 a year ago. The idea was to use it only in winter. In the summer I drive a MR Spyder speedshift. As roadtaxes in the Netherlands are very high I planned to swop the cars every half year, but I like the RAV so much I am driving it the year...
1-7 of 7 Results