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Showcase cover image for 1998 Toyota Rav4 (my first one)

General Information

Ryan's Rav4
Rav4 4x4
Electric windows, Factory rear torsen LSD, Cloth interior, Electric mirrors
My first Rav4 4x4 5 speed manual with centre difflock and factory optioned torsen lsd, it had 217,000kms on the clock when i bought it stock as a rock i clocked up 98,000kms in the 3 years i owned it, originally it was going to be my daily as my other car was a 1985 toyota hilux with 4'' lift and 33s (tractor) but i decided to take the rav out camping instead of the big rig and i decided to follow some mates thinking id be getting stuck or doing damage but was i suprised at how well the 4wd system and lsd worked and it kept up with the big boys without an issue (cruiser,patrol) a little more clearance would be good but i found no issue when i found the right line and a little slower than normal and departure angles are really good just way more fun and challenging then the hilux which would go anywhere with ease and the rav was way more comfortable so i sold my hilux and turned the rav into my daily/unusual offroader/camper which it was for 3 years and it never let me down and never got stuck even with my quad and trailer and rooftop tent and always got me back home even had to rescue a 02 nissan pathfinder when he followed me through a mud hole and spun a bearing in the middle of the water and had a pull a 2017 holden colorado up a steep sand dune as they couldnt get off the beach, i service the engine oil,filter,airfilter roughly every 3000ks depends on the trip and box and diff oils every 5000ks as i go offroad/camping quite often almost every weekend i sold it at 315,000kms still running and driving great only thing i had to replace was the original suspension,bushes,cvs just from old age.
1998 Toyota Rav4 4x4 manual 5dr 2.0l 3SFE Australian model

Bought for - $1400 @ 217,000kms - Stock

Accessories i added - Roof top tent & Roof racks, Full steel 4 post bullbar, Sports exhaust, CB Radio & Long Range Antenna , Kicker 12" sub w Kicker Amplifier, Kenwood 6.5" speakers with homemade speaker bracket made out of old ones, Rear 12v socket & usb outlets, Snatch recovery points front and rear, 16'' Rims, 4x Trickle charge solar panels, Spotlights, homemade kitchen table folds down from the boot door and 2.5x3m Awning

Sold for $3000 @ 315,000kms with some of the accessories i added


5 speed manual 4x4
Cloth trim
White with grey plastics
12'' kicker sub and amp, 4x 6.5" speakers and pioneer headunit
Sports pipe
Wheel and Tire
Stock 16" steelies and 16" Mags



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