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Rav4 L
Will update this with a picture of Window Sticker
I bought this from the original owner. It's had all of the regular maintenance done, except the plugs and wires after 200k. Water pump and timing belt were done 40k ago, about 3 years. I have some life left before I'll do that. This was a very well maintained 4WD Rav, and I think I got it for the deal I did because of how much interest I showed, as well as driving 2 hours to pick it up, leaving my other car parked on his street for 3 weeks after.

The vehicle has 2 small areas of body damage, both repairable by me when the weather warms, but other than that, and a rock chip in the RT headlamp, it's freaking flawless.

I had the standard oil leak at the spark plug tubes and valve cover gasket, as well as a small leak at the Power steering res. Following the write up by @demoder I went ahead and did the plugs, wires, head cover gasket and the spark plug tubes, as well as the PCV valve that was just like hers in her pics.

This thing runs so well! There's a small exhaust leak at the flex pipe, which I have purchased, but haven't had installed. I replaced the OEM muffler with an A/M one from Amazon, and I don't mind the Tin can Honda Civic sound one bit. Probably would bother others, not me.

231670 on the odometer, and not a single thing wrong with it. I am going to service the diffs, replace the trans fluid, do the strut assemblies, and inspect the brakes and fuel lines underneath. If the undercarriage that I can see so far is any indicator, they are going to be fine. For a Denver Colorado vehicle, there isn't a single sign of corrosion. The people I bought it from were diligent with maintenance. The original invoice and Window sticker are in the Glove box. I will grab them in the morning and post pics.

I've been in the Automotive industry now for most of my career. I've owned many VW's and all GM vehicles since college when I had a F150 that was totaled 3 weeks out of the shop having about 8k worth of works and restoration done on it. This is my first Toyota... and they hype is real. Best vehicles on the road today, hands down. Toyota!

Update, so I just found out that I have the RAV4 L Special Edition, LSD, Bradley wheels, and some other goodies. I have all the manuals that came in the glove box folder. I am really happy to have all the original things with this Rav. I also love this community.
2000 Toyota Rav4 L (Silver)


Stock, except NGK plugs and wires
None yet, except will be installing a Luggage rack off a 2 door Chevy Blazer I scooped up. Will be blacking wheels out, as well as door handles with Black matte plasti dip soon.
Complete budged Walmart Stereo. Bluetooth CD, USB, head unit by Dual ($44.99), stock door speakers, 2 Pyle tweeters ($11.00), 680W Amp kit (20ish bucks) and a Dual 10" Subwoofer/Amp combo that pushes 100W RMS, 300W peak ($79.98) and don't be fooled by the brand and prices. I did the installation myself. It sounds absolutely amazing for the prices. It doesn't need any more at all. It's just the right about of bump to be absolutely worth the less than 200.00 I paid for it all.
Wheel and Tire
Stock wheels, with slightly larger tires, quite perfect for now. But will be going with aggressive tires when i replace them.



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