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Pyrite(ie dirt)
Forget the name: tinting, 17" rims, full spare, roof racks and tow pkg
I took the long route to improve my sound system. The stock unit was so bad (little did I know as a newbie it was the speakers) I started w a new HU, then realized the speakers were crap. Found the magic of sound proofing the doors (makes for great sound) and went nuts with Second skin/Dynamat in cargo area. I put in a Kicker subwoofer since the stereo was still lacking (dumb) but finally realized it was the low output of the HU (about 14w per) Followed up with a 400w amp and with the sub made a huge diff. Decided to sound proof the floor - massive results in stereo, quiet, heat shielding and comfort. Recently finished the ceiling. This was overkill, but hey its done

Somewhere in the middle of the above I wanted a more beefier sound from the engine. Experimented with K&N to replace the stock air filer, then ripped out the entire mess of air boxes, hoses, tubing etc that make up the intake and replaced with a custom Weapon-R aluminum intake (from a 2006 I think) the K&N Apollo (ie enclosed) cone filter and a plastic hose that ran to the front driver fog light opening. (Weapon-R RAM II kit) Had some mechanical issues that eventually resolved themselves

It "seemed" a little more powerful but made no diff to the sound. Had my brand new stock muffler replaced with a 24" Magnaflow straight thru muffler. Definitely sounds more throaty and with all the sound proofing - the interior is still quiet.
2012 Toyota Base (Pyrite(ie dirt))


Weapon-R alum intake w K&N Filter and in take hose to front fog light socket
Upper strut support (forget the true name)
Dynahood hood liner and firewall insulation (painted black0
LED overhead light in cargo area
Soundproofed entire vehicle (all doors, cargo, floor and ceiling)
Manual switch for backup camera
Cal-trend Neoprene front seat covers
Go Power 300 w DC inverter in passenger foot area
Weathertec floor liners and cargo mat
Fire extinguisher
Scan gauge
Debadged all except Rav4 logo on back
Spare wheel locks
Steel cable and lock to secure spare wheel cover
Magnaflow muffler
Back up camera
Front bull bar
Blackened Front grill Cowboy logo
Pioneer HU and Polk speakers (brake by-pass and mic for Bluetooth phone)
Pioneer AMP, Kicker subwoofer
7' monitor for DVD output to rear seats
Wheel and Tire
stock steel rims 17"


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