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Sole owner of my Rav4 since Summer of 2003. Has seen its share of Northern Winter weather and has spent the majority of its life in the South U.S.; Coastal Mississippi and currently SW Florida.
I decided to give my Rav some TLC March of 2019 and decided to do a full Exterior and Interior job.
Exterior Job Included: Entire vehicle 'clay bar', whole vehicle 'wet sanding', compound, polish and wax. Windshield is still the Original Glass (17 years old) and still fairly clear/clean. So I decided to replace the windshield rubber moulding. Roof Rack removed and cleaned up. Removed Rack feet, bolts and hardware to redo the silicone and clean underneath. (repainting the rack feet)

Interior Job Included: Whole front dash removed, all doors and panels removed and cleaned. Used some UV activated glue to fix some spots where tabs broke. Overall, the plastic is still very strong and am amazed how well they have survived 17 years. Removed OEM Factory 6-Speaker system and replaced with a Sony Multimedia touchscreen unit and installed Rockford Fosgate speakers. Front Door: 2- Tweeters & 2- Speakers; Rear Door: 2-Speakers. Will possibly add a subwoofer later but haven't decided yet. Im not big into systems but rather just clean and clear sound. System works so good now but it does lack some bass.
Used Factory wiring for all speakers with the exception of the tweeters; modified the tweeter panel and had to cut the factory connector to wire into the new tweeters. So essentially all speakers still retain the factory connections.
Repurposed the coin knockout by the emergency brake and installed a flush mount USB port for the Apple CarPlay. Ran cable underneath the shift knob housing and up the back of the Climate Controls. I will later modify the 12V Cigarette plug on the center console to a round flush mount dual USB port for passengers and also add USB ports on the backside of the center console for the rear passengers.
Steam cleaned the carpet and hand cleaned every panel and component before reinstalling. Rav actually sounds a bit quieter.
As of 03/25/19 I just completed system install and will post pictures soon.
2003 Toyota Rav4 (White)


Removed Pinstripes
Head Unit: Sony XAV-AX100 Digital Multimedia Receiver
Front Speakers: Rockford Fosgate R165-S
Prime Series 6-1/2" component speaker system.
Rear Speakers:Rockford Fosgate R1675X2
Prime Series 6-3/4" 2-way car speakers.
Wheel and Tire
OEM 16" wheels.


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