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Sun roof, electric windows, CDcassettRadio
The first year the windshield cracked in the driveway on a particularly cold night. A rock took that one out 4 years later, now there are signs of rust developing around where the seal was removed for replacement and rain water leaks are starting in the 15th year.
Infamous P0420 P0430 MIL code indicating CATs clogged and were replaced under factory warranty at the purchase dealer about 6 years old and 60,000 miles. The local dealer tried to charge $240 for a PCV valve, air filter and to read the MIL code that I told him was there.
The fuel tank straps rotted out and dropped the tank at 13 years and that revealed the tank had a rust spot on top that was leaking when the tank was full. My excellent mechanic salvaged the pickup and fuel level parts. The steel rims were looking so rusty I got some alloy rims so I would not have to experience the same problem with the tires I had with the tank. The P1135 and P1155 MIL codes showed at 110,000 requiring new A/F Oxygen sensors at 11 years. Headlamps have become so fogged they needed replacement. Most annoying is the passenger's door lock motor has stopped working and getting the motor out of the door enough to replace it has become a nightmare releasing the door handle latch rod.
2001 Toyota Rav4 (White)



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