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General Information

Base, Auto, AWD, 5 Door, moonroof.
Bought from original owner in November 2010, with 141,xxx miles. That's also when I first started hypermiling.

Back in the day, my RAV and I used to shoot for great mileage!
0ur old fuel log is at: [URL=""]RAVadoole's fuel log[/URL]

Now, she's a USPS rural vehicle. Because of that, I've taken off quite a few of the ecomods. And I don't hypermile her anymore. [URL=""][U]USPS mods[/U][/URL]
2000 TOYOTA RAV4 (Blue)


><>< Ecomods ><><
12/2010 - WAI (Warm air intake) (modified) -->
(1st picture only) Used a 4" dryer vent hose, but don't spread it apart because it gets too weak. I had to make a 90 degree angle bend in mine, and it has acquired some holes in that area. Good for temporary use.
This is a mod that needs monitoring and adjusting periodically.

7/2011 - Fully synthetic gear oil in transfer case and rear differential.

3/2012 - Changed the WAI. -->
2nd and 3rd picture was the best set up for mileage. Found a '96 Suzuki Sidekick Sport air box at a pull yard, and fitted a wooden stand for it. Added some chimney metal sheets to create heat guards down along the exhaust, and a "tent" above the header for the heat. Used a dryer vent hose again as the go between.

8/2012 - Fully synthetic engine oil, 0-30.

9/2012 - NGK G-Power Platinum #7092 plugs.
><>< Current ><><
12/2010 - UltraGauge, [URL=""]([U]Link to website[/U])[/URL]

4/2011 - About 8 sheets of hushmat in doors and various places through-out the inner body.
><>< Current ><><
It came with soundproofing/anti-rust material sprayed on the entire underside. [URL=""]([U]see here[/U])[/URL] Nice. But if you ever have this done, be sure to have them cover the strut boots (or anything rubber). The rubber won't hold up long after that. And it's a pain to replace them.

5/2012 - Passenger side mirror removed.

9/2012 - Fog lights. [URL=""]([U]Here[/U])[/URL] Picture also has the front part of the belly pan showing.

><>< Hypermiling mods ><><
9/2012 - Partial belly pan. Thread link here: [URL=""][U]Belly Pan on 1st gen RAV4[/U][/URL]

12/2012 - Smooth wheel covers. (removed) [URL=""]([U]See here,[/U][/URL] [URL=""][U]here,[/U][/URL] [URL=""][U]and here[/U])[/URL]

12/2012 - Rear Wheel Skirts. (removed) [URL=""]([U]See here,[/U][/URL] [URL=""][U]and here[/U])[/URL]

<><> Planned <><>
modify rear wheel skirts, and reinstall,
Front air dam,
Partial front wheel skirts,
Custom painted US Postal Eagle design on hood,
Projector headlights with HIDs and angel eye rings,
><>< Current ><><
8/2011 -
SONY Head unit, pretty basic
HERTZ speakers, (6.5")
Wheel and Tire
><>< Current ><><
215/70R16, at sidewall max pressure.

Stock rims.

Any questions or comments are more then welcome! :)



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