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  1. Installing a reverse camera

    4.1 Accessories
    Has anyone installed a reverse camera? Where did you mount your screen?
  2. A thread where I document my valve cover gasket job on my 1999 model

    4.1 Faults & Fixes
    I bought this Beck/Arnley gasket (Part# 036-1822) because it not only includes the spark plug grommets but also the "half moon plugs" where most other kits do not. I also bought a small tube of Permatex ultra black rtv to use as a substitute for the F.I.P.G (fill in place gasket) that Toyota...
  3. Changing the Valve Cover gasket on my 1999 rav4

    4.1 Faults & Fixes
    Hi there. I am aware there are good posts on here about changing the valve cover gasket. I didn't want to wake up an old thread so I'm starting a new one. I want to use this gasket with spark plug grommets and half moon plugs which is Beck/Arnley brand. Anyone have any experience with this...
  4. Need lots of advice and help on lift kits

    4.1 General
    So my first car is a 4wd Manual 1999 rav4 and I’ve been thinking it would Be fun to pimp out and ride high like my other friends and have a different kind of trail car. Is there anyway I can get High lift kits? Such as 4 inches? I was planning on throwing 31s or 33s and throwing spacers on and...