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2005 rav4

  1. Floor Mats for 2005

    4.2 Accessories
    Hi Everyone, Been looking for good floor mats for my 2005 Rav4. Cant find good fitting ones, Husky unfortunately no longer has custom fit ones. Wondering, would the 2006-2012 ones fit in 2005? For example...
  2. The Jeep Story (and how we saved my RAV)

    4.2 General
    Here's a story that I think you'll enjoy greatly. A couple weeks back, my buddies and I decided that it was finally time that we could take the RAV off-road. Getting down the trail was the easy part, but getting up, not so much. In the long run, the RAV ended up going off the side of the road...
  3. RAV4 Manual Climate Control to Automatic Climate Control

    4.2 General
    Hey guys, So I was browsing the internet today when I discovered that some RAV4s came with this climate control module: Currently in my RAV4, I have this control module: Is there anyway to swap them out? I’m extremely curious!