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  1. What engines will fit in my 2008 toyota rav4

    4.3 Mechanical
    I was just wondering which engines would fit into my rav like what other vehicles engine could I pull out an put into my rav with minimal to no modifications the engine in my rav is ceased so I'm looking to find a different engine to swap into it so with that being said is the reason why I'm...
  2. 2008 RAV4 AWD Base parts

    4.3 General
    Good morning, Sadly my RAV's transmission has died. And repair it will cost me $6000 (at the dealer - I have not found a mechanic I can trust). So I've decided to either sell it as a whole for the best offer or start gutting it and sell the parts (which I think will be more profitable). Any...
  3. Tow Wiring Harness Not Lighting Brakes

    4.3 General
    I bought a Curt harness for my 2008 Rav and installed according to directions (even the durn battery wire that runs the length of the car!) and so far have only a hitch brake light with which to test it. I would eventually like to use it with a trailer, but I'm having trouble with the wrong...