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  1. 2013 Rav 4 XLE | CV Shaft replacement

    4.4 Mechanical
    Hey guys, new to the forum and had a question regarding a CV shaft replacement. I have audible grinding and popping noise when driving and making left turns. I ordered a new CV shaft but was wondering about the process. Anything specific I need to know? How much ATF will I need to top off the...
  2. 2013 RAV4 Battery Advice - Group 35 to 24F

    4.4 Mechanical
    Hopefully this will help someone someday - my 2013 RAV4 Limited has about 45k miles and I noticed about 5 weeks ago that starts were starting to get progressively weaker. Today, the automatic lights stayed on while the rear lift gate was open in the garage for about 10 minutes. I closed the...