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2018 rav4

  1. speaker layout of rav 4 2018 xle non-jbl for aftermakert upgrade

    4.4 Interior
    Hi there Im looking to replace the speakers in the vehicle but i cant see to find any diagram of the factory speaker system. Are they all full range speakers? Or are tweeters in the dash and mid range in the doors? Any advice would be helpful, feel free to post links to resources. I have...
  2. Techstream workaround for trans temp on 2018 rav4

    4.4 Mechanical
    I seem to get all the cumulative data, tire pressure, emission data ect.. when trying to get live data to check trans temp and other engine etc data i get a fatal error message. Do i need the 2.0.4 MVCI or is 1.4.1 adequate. Trying to figure out my issue, i am running tech stream version...