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2020 rav4

  1. Exhaust ticking sound on RAV4

    4.5 Mechanical
    Hi, I have a new RAV4 2020, just a few weeks old. I can hear a metal ticking sound coming out from the car center underneath quite loud, pretty sure it is coming from the exhaust pipe. It happens after driving the car just after switching off the engine. Could continue for 10 minutes and then...
  2. 2020 XLE Underside..!! Do i need undercoating for noise/rust ?

    4.5 General
    Hi guys just got my XLE and was planning to undercoat it with rubber/asphalt mix for noise cancellation and rust proofing.However, i saw most (almost 90%) of the under carriage has plastic covers almost like a Hot wheels car or more like a F1 car. Has anyone raised their 2019/2020 Rav4 and...
  3. Drove my 2020 Rav4 XLE 48 hrs ago :)

    4.5 General
    Hi Guys, i have moved on from my Ford escape and joined the Rav4 team. I've been following the forum for sometime now and helped me make my decision easier. As i mentioned, being new to the Toyota world, there is 1 question i had to ask as i get familiar with my Rav. There is a sound on the...
  4. RAV4 2020 pros & cons article on media

    4.5 General
    Just wanted to share this to get your opinion about this article.
  5. 2020 Rav4 XSE - Can't find fuel prices near me

    4.5 Interior
    Hello everyone. New to the forum obviously. I did a search already and didn't locate anything that answered my issue. Apologies if I missed it in my search if someone already has discussed this. I just bought a 2020 Rav4 XSE with Cold Weather Package, JBL package, and Advanced Tech package...