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  1. 4.1 General
    Hey everyone, new here, looking at this first generation 1996 rav4, got 76k miles and in pretty mint condition. It’s priced at $15000 and wondering if that’s steep for these kinds of cars. I know the 2/3 doors are hard to come by and this one is supposedly limited edition. Thanks!
  2. 4.1 General
    When offroading we were jumping a hill and hitting the ground pretty hard and at some point the nut thing came off and now the rear window is just flapping around the one below shows the side that isnt broke and what the nut looks like, anyone have one of these or know where to buy one
  3. 4.1 Accessories
    Hey all! I just bought a 1996 2-door Rav4 and it's terrific. But it doesn't have the original Mats. I found original mats online, but they don't specify if they're for the 2-door or the 4-door. Are the driver and passenger mats for the 2-door and the 4-door the same for generation 1? (I would...
1-4 of 4 Results