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  1. 4.1 Power Steering Pump Replacement Completed!

    4.1 Faults & Fixes
    Hi all, Just finished replacing my power steering pump on my '98 Rav4 so I thought I'd do a quick summary of what it took to do the job (relatively) painlessly 1. Put the front end up on jack stands 2. Remove both front wheels 3. Remove RH and LH engine covers 4. Disconnect the stabilizer bar...
  2. 4.1 Factory Service Manual :)

    4.1 General
    I seem to have come across a service manual or something like it. Hopefully this 1,298 page document of goodness helps keep some more 4.1’s on the road. Rav4_repair_manual.pdf
  3. Best Clutch For Towing?

    4.1 Faults & Fixes
    Hi all, I’ve got a ‘98 Rav (4dr awd M/T) and since I keep finding myself pulling lesser cars like my buddy’s trailblazer out of the mud I’m in search of a new clutch. Any recommendations for clutches that stand up to that kind of abuse and occasional towing? Finally I’ve sifted through some old...
  4. LED hyper flash with turn signals

    4.1 Accessories
    I have a 2000 RAV4. I've been upgrading it with LED lights. All has gone well except for the turn signals. I've installed 1157 LEDs in front, 7440s in the rear. The conventional flasher unit buzzes when all four LEDs are installed, so I replaced the 1157s with the conventional incandescent bulbs...