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  1. Changed wheel bearing. Broke wheel speed sensor. Replaced sensor 3 times, still not working.

    4.3 Mechanical
    2011 4-cylinder, sport. Replaced front driver wheel bearing with ~$60 one from auto store. Destroyed the wheel speed sensor in the process. Replaced twice with cheap online sensors, and eventually had the toyota dealer change it out. In all cases the ABS would randomly kick in when driving...
  2. Tire Pressure Sensor light flashing, ABS light, and VSC TRAC light on

    4.2 Faults & Fixes
    Hey guys! Happy to be here as a new owner of a 2005 rav4 L. I bought the car just 3 days ago. No lights on and drove perfectly fine when I test drove. It's got ~140k miles, but is in great shape overall. My birthday was the 9th and I took it on a 200-mile-round-trip drive that day with no...
  3. Loss of Power Steering - VSC/TRAC OFF/BRAKE/ABS lights on,

    4.3 Mechanical
    Hey guys, I’ve got an issue (possibly two) that I’d like some advice on. Starting around December, our RAV4 (V6, FWD, 89k miles) started randomly losing power steering while driving. All of the lights would turn on in the dash and the speedometer would drop to zero. This started after getting...