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  1. 4.3 Mechanical
    My 2009 RAV4 Limited had an A/C issue a while back that was corrected by a mechanic, but seems to have come back - when the mechanic looked at it, he mentioned that two of the valves (the ones where you recharge the refrigerant) were leaking - so those were replaced, then he also mentioned that...
  2. 4.4 Mechanical
    Hi all, My 2013 Rav4 isn't blowing cold air. The compressor clutch isn't being engaged. I jumped the relay to turn the compressor on and that worked. I also tested the relay so that's not the issue. The relay must not be getting power. I checked all the fuses in the engine compartment, and the...
  3. 4.4 Interior
    Hi everyone, my vent control knob in my 2015 is stuck completely( no play at all). Has anyone had this issue? Any idea what the culprit may be?
  4. 4.4 General
    When I tried to close one of conditioner gateway in my RAV4 2016 Cannot close it because there are sponge in front of gateway prevent close the gateway and when I blows air from my mouth into gateway after turned off the conditioner, the sponge went into back and gateway closed. But when turned...
  5. 4.4 General
    Hello, I got a RAV4 XLE from 2018 and I just noticed that my A/C started to leaks water and it's not because of the clogged hose but there is a leak through the condenser meaning it is not seal properly. I will attach a photo on here, please let me know if there is any advice you can give( use...
  6. 4.5 RAV4 Hybrid (except Prime)
    I have a 2020 xle hybrid and the recirculating air button turns on but clearly allows outside air in. I am wondering if anyone out there is experiencing the same issues on their new vehicle and what they have done to remedy?
  7. 4.5 RAV4 Prime
    Hey, this may not be unique to the prime, and the answer may be hidden somewhere in the massive owner's manual. My mom's 2015 forester does similar things so this may just be how modern car climate control system work. Whenever I put the climate control on in full auto, the AC always turns on...
  8. 4.2 D.I.Y. and Modifications
    Hi, On my rav4 2005 d4d diesel, i would like to change the manual control of the air conditioner in the automatic control of the a.c.(Please see the attached pic). Does anyone know what this means, if this is possible? Which extra parts should be added, except the control unit. In the...
1-8 of 8 Results