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  1. Rav4 4cyl 2.5L Alternator Issues

    4.3 Mechanical
    My battery light came on, and then soon after I lost power steering. I tested and charged the battery and found out the battery was perfect. I came to the conclusion that this problem was related to the alternator, because I lost power steering, which is electrical and powered by the alternator...
  2. Audio Upgrade: Will I need to upgrade any engine components?

    4.1 Accessories
    Hello Everyone! I’m getting a full audio installation done on my 1997 Toyota Rav4 w/all time 4wd, Automatic. The amp I’m running thw whole system on is a class FD that says it has a max of 2000 watts output. I’m putting components speakers in the front running at 80rms, coaxials in the rear...
  3. Battery light on 2006 RAV 4 think she needs a alternator !!!!!!

    4.3 Mechanical
    Peace everyone, I'm pretty sure it's my alternator but just thought I would share anyway before I set out to change it. I have 2006 Rav4 140k miles and the other day I turned the car on and the red battery light was on I thought nothing of it and went up to the street. Side note it was the...