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  1. Full size Amp 19' Rav4

    4.5 Interior
    Last Year I added a Kicker Key to make up for the poor performance of the HU. Link to Kicker Key Install Recently I've noticed popping, cracking, and little distortions when playing music once the volume as reached 42 and above. Mainly when listening AudioBooks in the Highs is very auditable...
  2. 2020 RAV4 Limited Hybrid "800 Watt" JBL Amplifier Rated @ 201 Watts

    4.5 Interior
    Below is the JBL amplifier in the 2020 Toyota RAV4 Limited Hybrid. It's on the passenger side in the back, near the 12 volt battery. I've covered up numbers that may be serial numbers. Toyota part number: 86280-42060...
  3. Newly installed amplifier created white noise in tweeter speakers

    4.4 Interior
    Hi, I just got done installing 4 new door speakers as well as 2 dash tweaters in my 2013 rav. I went with the many suggestions on here to use the Alpine power pack amplifier and got the KTA-450 4 channel amp. Everything works great and sounds AMAZING, (cant keep turn up half volume its so...
  4. Subwoofer on built in amp

    4.3 Interior
    I’m not sure if this has been answered but I’ve done extensive digging and haven’t found a solid answer. I disconnected the subwoofer found in my trunk and have taken off the body panel to access the JBL amplifier but am not sure if I’m able to simply add a sub into the channel where the...
  5. Sound not working on Entune Premium

    4.4 General
    I recently purchased an Entune Premium stereo through eBay and installed it on my Rav4 EXL 2018. Works great! Except the volume control will not work (it won’t turn up or down) the button works for power so I’m confused? I read where an amplifier has to be used for the upgrade I think? Do the...