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  1. Android auto crashing

    4.5 TSBs
    Bought a new Toyota 2019 SEP build and Android auto was retro fitted. I have noticed that android auto is crashing on long drives even if I am using genuine Samsung S10+ cable. Reconnecting the cable brings it back to life but as you can imagine it's a dangerous thing to do while driving when...
  2. Best Solution Rav4 2019 2020 Android/Carplay aftermarket headunit

    4.5 Interior
    All information in video and description. Super easy install and works good.
  3. Android Auto + Navigation on 2020 RAV4 Hybrid

    4.5 Interior
    A couple of questions about the implementation of Android Auto on the 2020's. I'm looking at getting into an XLE Hybrid with all options (Weather, Convenience, and Audio Plus) and was wondering if the Android Auto works the same on the RAV4 as it does on our 2018 Tiguan. Actually, I imagine it...