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  1. RAV 4.5 XAV-AX8000

    4.5 General
    As many of the people here, I was seriously disappointed to learn that the 2019 RAV4 didn't have any Android Auto. When purchasing the vehicle, the dealer kept hinting that his feature may become available in the future, but as time goes on, it seems less of a hope and more of a marketing...
  2. Android Auto/Carplay running in NA19 Rav4 - Dasaita MAX6 install

    4.5 Interior
    With a bit of anxiety, I went ahead and ordered an android based aftermarket Headunit. #1 requirement was Android Auto and CarPlay. I did not care about wireless or not. I will always plug my handset in if it is being used by the HU. #2 Factory look with easy install. I also wanted a HU with...