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  1. 2013 RAV4 Battery Advice - Group 35 to 24F

    4.4 Mechanical
    Hopefully this will help someone someday - my 2013 RAV4 Limited has about 45k miles and I noticed about 5 weeks ago that starts were starting to get progressively weaker. Today, the automatic lights stayed on while the rear lift gate was open in the garage for about 10 minutes. I closed the...
  2. Replaced battery. Car cranks but doesn't start

    4.3 General
    The battery died on my '09 6cyl, 4WD. I replaced it with a new battery. Connections are correct. I can hear a click (like a relay) when I install the second battery terminal. Car cranks, but won't start. All the idiot lights come on. I've tried two different known good keys in case it was some...
  3. 12V Battery question (not "Traction Battery")

    4.5 General
    I was making up a maintenance record with relevant info and got to the battery. I know it isn't going to need replaced for many years, but I wanted to have it documented in advance. Online auto parts stores list it as Size Group H5, with most having Cold Cranking Amps ratings of 600+. Looking...
  4. Could leaking coolant affect power steering?

    4.3 Mechanical
    Check battery light came on today while I was driving back to work. Was still on when I drove home, about a 30 mile commute. About a mile from home, the power steering light comes on and steering wheel gets hard to turn. Once home, I cut the engine and turn the ignition to see if it will...
  5. Battery light on 2006 RAV 4 think she needs a alternator !!!!!!

    4.3 Mechanical
    Peace everyone, I'm pretty sure it's my alternator but just thought I would share anyway before I set out to change it. I have 2006 Rav4 140k miles and the other day I turned the car on and the red battery light was on I thought nothing of it and went up to the street. Side note it was the...