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  1. Help to get audio input working

    4.2 Accessories
    Hi all, I recently purchased a 2004 Rav4, which has a fancy looking Eonon d5167 head unit. It has a touchscreen, bluetooth calls, a previous gen iPod in cable, and all sorts of inputs- but I can't find a way to connect my phone (Android) to it! This is the Eonon page for the head unit: Eonon...
  2. Plethora of issues with 2020 Hybrid

    4.5 Rav4 Electric Hybrid
    Here's my running list of transient issues I've had in 2 weeks of owning this vehicle. Have started a case with Toyota re gas tank, have had the dealer reset the battery for entune issue (now I have more issues). Seems like every day is some new annoying computer/Bluetooth issue. Oh and my phone...
  3. Why won't my phone swith users when I enter the vehicle

    I can find help with this issue anywhere even threw Toyota. When I pair 2 iPhones to the car and I enter the car should the car pick up that iPhone that is closer or do I have to switch it manually threw the radio? My wife is the main driver and when I take her car and she is on her cell phone...
  4. iPhone not playing music through USB

    4.4 Interior
    Hi! I have a 2013 Limited. When I plug my phone in (iPhone XS) with a stock Apple lightning cord, I cannot play music correctly. It defaults to one specific playlist and I cannot change it to any other playlist. If I switch back over to Bluetooth with the phone plugged in, then every time I skip...
  5. Android Auto + Navigation on 2020 RAV4 Hybrid

    4.5 Interior
    A couple of questions about the implementation of Android Auto on the 2020's. I'm looking at getting into an XLE Hybrid with all options (Weather, Convenience, and Audio Plus) and was wondering if the Android Auto works the same on the RAV4 as it does on our 2018 Tiguan. Actually, I imagine it...
  6. Always on Bluetooth audio?

    4.5 Interior
    Got a 2019 XLE. Samsung S7 paired w/ car Phone will route all media audio to rav4 when car is turned on Listen to music on USB drive most of the time on occasional trips, will run Waze/Google Maps on phone since phone routes audio to rav4 and I'm listening to music on USB, I will not hear the...
  7. Getting Bluetooth on factory stereo that didn’t come with Bluetooth

    4.3 Interior
    Hey everyone, I was looking for stereo options that had Bluetooth capability. I Didn’t really want to spend money on a new stereo because I don’t mind the factory one (with the exception of it not having Bluetooth). After searching for cheaper stereos with Bluetooth capability I came across a...
  8. 2007 Listen to podcasts/music from phone via bluetooth?

    4.3 Interior
    I've never paired up my phone (currently Samsung S9) with my car in the 12 years I've owned it. I know I can make and receive phone calls with this, can I also play podcasts/music through this connection? Accessing music/podcasts actually would be my main use for the BT connection if that was...
  9. 2012 RAV4 Bluetooth problem

    4.3 Interior
    I have used my Bluetooth all the time since I purchased my vehicle in 2014. I have never had any issues with it. I recently joined Audible and have been listening to books. Or trying to listen to books. The first book worked just fine. Now I can start listening to a book and my Bluetooth will...