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  1. Best Kayak Load Assist for Factory Bars?

    4.5 Rav4 Electric Hybrid
    I have a 2020 Rav4 XSE Hybrid. I thought an SUV would be great for my kayaking obsession, but I'm too short to load it onto the vehicle without touching the boat to the car and I will NOT risk damage. Enter the concept of load assists for kayaks. I can't find one that will work without switching...
  2. Towing 16ft boat

    4.4 General
    Hey everyone, Just wanted to give an update. I have a 2015 LE. Installed a class II Curt hitch and Toyota factory wiring. I mainly pull a 8x6 mowing trailer, but purchased a 16 foot aluminum boat last fall. We have another tow vehicle for the boat, but sometimes it is unavailable and I use the...
  3. Why does the Sport V6 have low towing capacity?

    4.3 General
    Before my Rav4 I owned a 1998 Toyota 4Runner SR5. It was a 3.4L 4 speed automatic. Some google searching says it was rated to tow 3500-5000lbs. My Rav4 seems to only be rated for 3000lbs. I don't really understand why. It has way more hp and torque, its AWD, it has a 5 speed auto vs the...