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  1. Cyclic scrape sound + click on load change

    4.1 Faults & Fixes
    Help! I've been stalking this problem for months and it's driving me crazy. I'd be very grateful for any leads anyone could give me! The patient: '97 RAV4.1, Manual trans, FWD, 280k miles. Symptoms: Under a load change (in gear applying or letting off the gas), there is a click (like a solid...
  2. Rav 4 2009 | Rear Differential shaking violently.

    4.3 Mechanical
    Hello All I am hoping on getting some guidance on what do with the Rear diff in my Rav 4 2009 (all wheel drive) Timeline: Vehicle was left sitting outside for three days without being driven, and it rained. Next drive revealed a subtle rapid vibration at 50km/h (30mp/h) - 60km/h (35mp/h)...
  3. Diagnosing front end clunk turning into clank

    4.3 Mechanical
    Began noticing that a front end clunk that would happen at slow speeds over rough roads or bumps. I can't relate it to steering it all; it doesn't seem to get worse if I am turning. No extra play or shimmy in the steering either. After some more travel on dirt roads and some big bumps, I managed...