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  1. 4.1 Faults & Fixes
    Hi guys, 1996 RAV4 all wheel drive five door, guessing it’s the 3SFE engine. Out of no where engine won’t start. 1 click and light burr noise when key turned. Battery is fully charged. Replaced starter relay, still no good. Somehow got it to start once by giving it a ton of power with a couple...
  2. 4.2 Faults & Fixes
    hi can anyone help out with wiring diagrams etc. rav4 2002 vvti petrol 2.0L I broke down last night, car started to cough the drove fine. 1 mile down the road died, would crank over but not fire. today plugged obd in and found 2 codes, p0100 and p0505, air flow and air idle. not to worried about...
1-2 of 2 Results