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  1. 4.5 RAV4 Hybrid (except Prime)
    I am looking to tie down a table 4x4 to the roof of my 2020 XSE for an upcoming trip, about 6 hours each way, but don't know the best way to safely secure it to the roof of the car. I have OEM crossbars installed, however, the car does not have rails running the length of the car that I can...
  2. 4.5 Exterior
    Hi, does anyone here have aftermarket flat cross bars installed? What length of bars do you have and how much overhang is there past the connecting bracket? Thanks.
  3. 4.5 Exterior
    Hi All, I purchased a Yakima custom install kit for my 2022 Rav4 LE, which does not come with roof rack mount points. Trust me, it has no install points, I did my research before deciding to put rivets into a brand new car. Anyone with experience with roof racks on the gen5 rav4 and would...
  4. 4.3 Exterior
    Part #: PT278-42192 (normally $249.99) -Mount directly to the roof rails to help carry additional cargo -Includes mounting screws that easily attach to mounting points on the roof rail -Aerodynamic styling to help minimize wind noise Only used once. Very easy to install. Difficult to ship -...
  5. Member Classifieds
    I took these crossbars off, the very day I got home from the dealership. I have all parts and instructions. I can deliver free if purchased locally. $225 or best offer
    $225 USD
  6. 4.5 Exterior
    Currently running the Yakima Skybox Lo with factory crossbars and was looking to snag a wind-fairing to see if it would help to lessen the noise from above. Ideally, I'd get the Yakima wind fairing, with no particular reason other than to match the box, and noticed it came in a 38", 40", 44"...
  7. 4.5 RAV4 Prime
    Hello all first post. Looking to add crossbars, looking at yakima jetstream. seems like 50 inches is the recommended length... wondering if anyone has experience with longer bars to increase space. I'm looking at 55 inch bars. it says width of car is 63 inches, but i can understand how...
  8. Member Classifieds
    SOLD Roof Rack Cross Bars PT278-42130 for Toyota Rav4 2013-2018 $175 - Price Reduced $150 New OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Rav4 Cross bar set. Low-profile roof rack installs with ease on factory roof rail channels. Enhance your vehicle’s cargo management with Genuine Toyota cargo cross...
  9. 4.5 General
    Greetings! I am in the process of ordering the following parts online to install on my car that will arrive in August. Tow Hitch Receiver, Class II (Part # PK960-42K10) Towing Wire Harness (Part # PK5D0-42K11-WH) Roof Rack Cross Bars (2 Pieces) (Part # PT278-42192) BUT, as I research on what...
  10. 4.5 Interior
    I have a 2020 xle premium. Is anyone aware of any roof rails/cross bars that won’t block my view of the sky from the sunroof? Mine came with factory rails. Any crossbars I install on them block my view, cause of the placement of the mounting area.
1-10 of 10 Results