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  1. 4.3 General
    My window fell off the track and I am working on putting it back on. I took the door panel off and now need to remove this plastic film from the door. In the YouTube video I'm using, it is easily removable. However, this isn't the case for me; I will need to remove and replace it. Does anyone...
  2. 4.3 General
    I replaced the rear driver side door handle on my 2010 Rav4 (base model) and must've missed something when hooking up the handle mechanism because now I can't open the door from either the inside or outside and the lock is stuck in the unlocked position. I made sure the child lock was off...
  3. 4.5 Interior
    Hello lovely people of rav4world. Recently, I made the dumb mistake of using the wrong nozzle while washing my rav4. Posting here because the part I will be using is listed under interior as opposed to exterior, despite the part being on the exterior. Long story short, I damaged the seal on the...
  4. 4.1 Faults & Fixes
    I put the car in park, hand break on, turn it off and take the key of the ignition, but when I open the door it suddenly makes a long beep noise. I have just installed new speakers but it didn’t seem to make the noise at the time. Any ideas? I could just take out the chime but is there an issue?
  5. 4.2 Faults & Fixes
    Hi guys! I got in my '03 Rav this morning and the door was open and would not close. The latching assembly piece is in the open position, but it feels looser than the other 3 doors. I'm curious if anyone has experienced this problem and found a solution. .
  6. 4.4 General
    I have a 2016 Limited that has a power liftgate that has made loud noises opening and closing, some times louder than others. Just to be clear this post is not about the ECU recall from a few years back. The liftgate functions perfectly when under power. I recently disabled the power lift...
  7. 4.5 Exterior
    Problem: Back Door does not align with front door. Toyota dealer said something hit the door - not their problem. I said no dents any place on the door They said it might of been a soccer ball. I said Bull Sh...... I took it to a body shop that I had dealt with a number of years ago. the...
1-7 of 7 Results