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  1. 4.4 General
    What years are there major changes in the RAV4. Which year/model is the latest I would want to buy, if I do not want too much electronics and the price to fix it all? Somewhere between 2010 and 2015. I want diesel, manual gear, 4x4. Anything else I should know? Thanks
  2. 4.4 Mechanical
    Hey all. I'm here because I've exhausted all other options. Months ago I tried to start my 2015 RAV4, the lights came on and I heard a click but it wouldn't start. It kept doing this repeatedly and it wouldn't start. So I replaced the starter and it didn't help. I then replaced the battery, it...
  3. 4.3 Mechanical
    I installed recently a curt trailer wiring harness On my 2011 rav4 v6 (base) and have been having a lot of problems (mostly blown fuses). But just recently a part near the t connector started smoking and eventually fell off (can be identified by following the blue and green wire). I have no clue...
1-3 of 3 Results