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  1. What engines will fit in my 2008 toyota rav4

    4.3 Mechanical
    I was just wondering which engines would fit into my rav like what other vehicles engine could I pull out an put into my rav with minimal to no modifications the engine in my rav is ceased so I'm looking to find a different engine to swap into it so with that being said is the reason why I'm...
  2. Ticking noise which increases in speed with revving of engine

    4.3 Mechanical
    Hey Forum-goers, I had a guy come look to purchase my 2008 V6 Rav4 today and we discovered a new ticking noise. It seems to be coming from the back side of the engine, either the area of the exhaust manifold and such. It's definitely a centralized sound closer to the back right side of the...
  3. 2003 Random Engine Jerk with NO Codes

    4.2 Faults & Fixes
    Good afternoon all. I have one final issue to solve with my Rav... There will occasionally be a very quick engine jerk that seems to be random. The rpm will quickly drop and come back up. It occurs when in drive, 2, L, neutral. It happens when driving and when completely stopped at a light...
  4. Buying advice – 4.2 with 1AZ-FE 2.0 engine, 200K km

    4.2 General
    Hello. I need an SUV for under €3000, definitely manual transmission. Reliability is the most important factor – I don't care too much about all the features, gadgets and so forth, I just want it to be dependable and have the lowest possible probability of requiring expensive repairs in the near...
  5. Help my engine has turned into a Bear.

    4.3 Mechanical
    2011 Rav4, 4 cyl gas So my engine, or exhaust has decided to make this annoying Grrrrzzz when the vehicle is in a high gear at low RPM usually going up a hill. It started off not so bad maybe once a week, now it is almost constant up every hill. It stops when the car either downshifts or the...
  6. Engine, SVC and 4WD lights on

    4.3 Mechanical
    Today after starting my engine, SVC and 4WD lights were on, and the car felt running weaker, RPMs were higher than usual. I made it home, but was worry what can be wrong. I check the gas cap, few hoses around air box. Nothing helped, lights still on and idle was off. Than I noticed my battery...
  7. Engine/SVC light turned on then car refused to accelerate

    4.3 General
    Hi. Lately I was getting poor acceleration with my 2006 RAV4 and I noticed the car "hesitating" while accelerating. And today when I drove uphill the engine signal turned on, the SVC signal turned on, and the car refused to accelerate at all, until I powered it off/on. I've seen some friends...
  8. '99 RAV4 - Undriveable following major engine repairs, no codes registering

    4.1 Faults & Fixes
    I found this forum last week, hoped it would provide some insight to the worsening problems of my 1999 RAV4. I was impressed by breadth and depth of knowledge in the community, and you're willingness to engage with first time posters. The summary below was written by my mechanic, who has done...