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entune premium

  1. short tune played by my Rav4 limited

    4.4 Interior
    Hello, I recently purchased a secondhand Rav4 Limited 2016. Everything is fine and am very happy with it. My question to this forum is the following: From time to time, looks to me totally random, the Entune system plays a short victorious tune - maybe 5 seconds length. Impossible for me to...
  2. Sound not working on Entune Premium

    4.4 General
    I recently purchased an Entune Premium stereo through eBay and installed it on my Rav4 EXL 2018. Works great! Except the volume control will not work (it won’t turn up or down) the button works for power so I’m confused? I read where an amplifier has to be used for the upgrade I think? Do the...