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  1. 4.3 General
    I have a 09 rav4 v6 sport and it has the electronic power steering. I was leaving a parking lot and I lost power steering and was forced to drive straight to where I could safely park. The steering light and the battery light came on in the dash. There was also a burning smell. I turned off the...
  2. 4.3 Mechanical
    i can’t find a conclusive answer on whether or not the inner tie rods on the 3rd gen rav4s equipped with electric steering are removable. I’ve found a moog part on rockauto and it’s listed as their problem solving solution, they also have B&A inner and outer tie rods which look more or less like...
  3. 4.3 Mechanical
    I've got an '08 AWD 2.4L 4-cyl with about 96K miles on it. In the past year, I've noticed a slight but tangible change in the "steering feel". If it were a vehicle with hydraulic assist, I'd say it just needed the fluid replaced and it would be back to normal. It seems to be "sticking" in place...
1-3 of 3 Results