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  1. Lifted Kit Installed ... Low Hanging Muffler/Exhaust

    4.5 Exterior
    Lifted (1.5 in) my XSE with the LP Adventure lift kit, but the muffler still sits low at the stock height. It's not a big deal and I don't fear it will get damaged on trails, but it is visually annoying. Anyone have any thoughts? Wondering if there is a way to raise the muffler/exhaust to be...
  2. Whats needed to convert a 49 state 97 Rav4 to California emissions

    4.1 General
    Hi everyone, I am resident of California who just bought a 1997 Rav4 5spd 4wd from a small dealer in Portland Oregon. The car shows that it's a 49 state vehicle that only meets federal emission regulations according to the emissions sticker under the hood. I am guessing it wont pass smog in...
  3. Misfire & Fuel from Exhaust Pipe!

    4.3 Mechanical
    I have a 2007 V6 rav, and out of out of nowhere i have check engine light,fuel and smoke bailing out of the exhaust! hard time starting up and idling, hooked it up to a code reader says i have misfires in cylinders 2,4 I dont have a clue what im at with vehicles so I took it to the garage, one...