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fuel tank

  1. How many miles have you driven, or how much fuel have you used after the "Low Fuel" light comes on?

    4.5 Rav4 Electric Hybrid
    Am curious how well our fuel gauges are calibrated. The manual says that the low fuel light comes on at 2.2gal. I suspect that for many the gauge is very conservative. Ignoring the DTE or Distance to Empty, how many miles have you driven, or how many gallons have you used after the low fuel...
  2. Question in regards to Fuel and Fuel Gauge on XSE model

    4.5 Rav4 Electric Hybrid
    Hello. I am new to the Rav4 family. I just purchased a 2014 Rav4 XSE Hybrid and love it. I am almost at 400 miles. My fuel gauge was almost at empty ( not quite for warning light to go on) until this afternoon.. When I started my car again recently , now the fuel gauge says there is a little...
  3. Compatability between this gen?

    4.2 Faults & Fixes
    Hey there My 2005 Rav4's fuel tank has some leaking issues, where if i fill it up past half tank it pours out immidietly. A friend of mine has another Rav4 03 model, the engine is broken however. If i purchase his fuel tank, will it be compatible with my 05 model? Sorry if this is the...