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  1. 4.3 General
    I have a 2006 V6 2WD Base trim with the tow prep package. It was recently improperly jumpstarted (long story), and it blew the 10Amp ETCS fuse and the 140A Alternator fuse. There are quite a few threads on here about the process to get that 140A (or 120A for non-tow-package) out by taking apart...
  2. 4.5 RAV4 Prime
    I know that people in various threads (at least in my travels) have grumbled at times. "I can't find the fuse for..." "This diagram on the lid is useless..." "$%@#!..." "$%@# $%@# $%@# $%@# $%@# $%@#!..." So I pulled the info from Toyota and here is all the fuse data broken up by location into...
  3. 4.5 RAV4 Hybrid (except Prime)
    Hello there, Did anyone in here hardwired your dual dash cam to your fuse box? If so, do you remember what pin did you use and what brand of the dash cam you purchased? Thank you
  4. 4.3 General
    I am trying to hardwire a dash cam to my '11 RAV4 4WD v6 (Base model) recently, which requires one "constant/always on" fuse, one "ACC" fuse, and one "ground". and am having a bit of headache finding an "ACC" fuse (fuse which is only on when the car is on). I really don't want to use any of the...
  5. 4.3 General
    (2011 RAV4 4WD v6 Base model) Recently I have been trying to hardwire a dashcam for use with parking mode function, it was no problem for me to find an always-on or constant fuse, it seems the majority of the fuses in the engine compartment fuseboxes are always on, so I tapped into the "dome...
1-5 of 5 Results