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  1. Dash cam hardwire question

    4.4 General
    Hello, I just did dash cam hardwire. I connected ACC line to ACC(7.5A) and BAT line to tail(10A). All connections, I use fuse tap and use the passenger compartment fuse box. I check the outcome Voltage and it has 12.5V. But my dash cam doesn’t turn on. I tried to other car that has same dash cam...
  2. ECM shorted or bad? EFI fuse keeps blowing.

    4.1 Faults & Fixes
    Hello, I am super confused as to what is going on. 1996 RAV3 4x2 Manual. Car works fine for a while then it will start blowing the EFI fuse. It blows as soon as you turn the ignition on and won't allow the car to start. I pulled up the wiring diagram and have disconnected all the sensors that...