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head unit

  1. 4.4 Interior
    Hi all, I've just installed a Dasaita MAX10 5216 head unit in my 2016 Rav4 hybrid. The head unit is updated now with latest firmware (MTCE_HA_V3.67 + Build HA3_rk3399_10.0_ota(20201113)) but the update does not fix my problem with sound while calling in bluetooth. Bluetooth music sound works...
  2. 4.5 Interior
    On my head unit (JBL Premium package), my volume and tune/scroll knobs feel totally different. The tune knob has noticeable clicks like the temperature knobs, whereas turning the volume knob is almost completely smooth. I wish the volume behaved more like the tune knob so I could tell how many...
  3. 4.2 Accessories
    Hi all, I recently purchased a 2004 Rav4, which has a fancy looking Eonon d5167 head unit. It has a touchscreen, bluetooth calls, a previous gen iPod in cable, and all sorts of inputs- but I can't find a way to connect my phone (Android) to it! This is the Eonon page for the head unit: Eonon...
  4. 4.4 Interior
    Hi friends, hope you are all well and safe. I have ordered an android radio for my 2013 Rav4's (there are several good ones in Aliexpress). But currently, I have an issue with the installation. My Rav4 is a limited version, with a large touchscreen monitor and JBL system, and the cables from...
  5. 4.3 Interior
    I have a 2012 sport v6, I'm looking for a wiring or pin diagram for the video out in the cabin. I do not have the nav or jbl audio. I have looked and i am finding multiple matches of information none of which are for my year and or have found. Please help
  6. Private Party Classifieds
    Hello Everyone, I am new here. I recently upgraded the headunit in my RAV4 to a wireless carplay receiver and thus no longer need my factory head unit. The P/N is 86100-42251 and is OEM. It came from a 2017 RAV4 SE that's equipped with GPS navigation, XM Radio and JBL Premium Audio system. The...
  7. 4.5 Interior
    All information in video and description. Super easy install and works good.