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  1. 4.4 Exterior
    Hello, When driving at night it is as I have no headlights on at all. I live in a rural area with no street lights. The car does have fog light but I would not want to change their function as I live in a FOG area. The manual indicates HID lamps but it is wrong in some places and it could...
  2. 4.3 Exterior
    I have already polished the factory headlight housings over the years , they are now cracked in a few spots so I am seeking feedback on OEM replacements + choices for bulbs. In searching I noticed carparts has a set of new housings for about $130.00. Anybody have experience with those ? In...
  3. 4.4 Exterior
    Hello, so I'm having an electrical problem with my headlight low beams. Both lights, plugs melting. Replaced one plug to no avail. Fuses are fine. Bulbs are fine. They both can work if I wiggle them the right way. Ground is also fine, I disconnected and cleaned just incase. I'm literally losing...
  4. 4.1 General
    Hi everyone, im Johann from Malaysia. It’s awesome to see this forum so alive and active. Ive actually just purchased a 97 JDM imported rav4.1. And I have a few questions about it. 1: is there anyplace online to source for new center Aircond vents? One of mine is currently broken with no fins...
  5. 4.2 D.I.Y. and Modifications
    This is probably a stupid question but at the rear of both headlight assemblies there are what appear to be a blank socket with an unusual shape 3 or maybe 4 pin design. Could this be a space for drl installation or is it something completely different? Sorry if it's a newbie question
  6. 4.5 Exterior
    I have a 21 hybrid xse and on a road trip a truck kicked up a piece of debris and it broke the drivers side headlight assembly. I need to replace it and was wondering if anyone has done this yet? The part is stupid expensive and if I can I want to change it myself to save some money. Looking at...
  7. 4.2 Faults & Fixes
    Hello All, I have a 2004 rav4 ACA21 (RHD). I have a problem with my headlights, once you flip the switch to get the low beams, the lights do not turn on. If you then try to push the switch forward thereafter, to get the high beams, they do not turn on as well. If you pull the switch way...
  8. My 2010 2.5L 4WD Base Rav4

    2010 2.5L, 4WD, with 276,637 miles. Upgrades/MODS: Weapon-R Ram Air Intake (Weapon-R Header coming soon), KYB performance Front Struts, Optima RED TOP deep cell battery, "Dual" touch screen DVD receiver, "Dual" XPR540 4 channel amplifier (1200 watt), Infinity mids and tweeters in front doors...
  9. 4.4 General
    Does anyone know of any black aftermarket headlights and taillights for a 2018 SE? Or any help on tinting vs wrap vs spray would be greatly appreciated.
  10. 4.1 Faults & Fixes
    Hi, I have a toyota RAV4 manufactured in year 1995. Recently I got an issue with both headlight low beam. High beam works without any issue. Dashboard and parking lights power up when the low beam turned on. I checked both headlight sockets (with a multi meter) and found that it does not receive...
  11. 4.5 Exterior
    Hello! I wanted to know if anybody has any idea on if the XSE/Prime/Hybrid headlamps would work on the XLE. Is it just remove and replace or is there more to it? I appreciate any help I can get with this.
  12. 4.3 General
    Hi, I have a 2008 Rav4 and I want to add a leaving home feature ( The headlights and rear lights turn on when unlocking with key). So I noticed that when I unlock the car wirelessly, The dome lights turn on, I removed the overhead console then I tested some cables with my multimeter and found...
  13. 4.3 General
    Tossed some eBay black housing lights on my rav4 definitely cleaned up the front end
  14. 4.4 Exterior
    2013 LE awd. It seems like every 5 months (if even that long) my headlights keep going out. And more often than not it's the drivers side. Car was dropped off at dealership for oil change and 115k tuneup, had them look at the wiring to see if something was funky. Just got notified that the...
  15. 4.1 D.I.Y. and Modifications
    Hi I am wanting to take apart the 1998 headlights and get the inner chrome part out so I can paint it black? Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks
  16. 4.4 Exterior
    I am condsidering purchasing a 2018 RAV4, but have read that the headlights do not perform well. Can anyone comment on this?
  17. 4.1 Accessories
    Hi I am wondering if there is anywhere that still sell the angel eye style headlights for a 1998 Rav4, and preferably ship internationally. I have seen a few European sites but don't ship internationally. Or even if there is anyone here that have some and are wanting to sell them I would be...
  18. 4.5 RAV4 Hybrid (except Prime)
    Whenever I unlock the car at night, the headlights don't come on, but when I shut off the car at night, the headlights stay on for 90 seconds. I've seen that many Lexus and BMWs have this feature and I'm wondering if it's possible to code or do something to have the "welcome lights" on the 2019...
  19. 4.5 Exterior
    Does anyone happen to know the color temperature spec for the LED headlights on 2020 models?
  20. 4.2 Faults & Fixes
    Gday everyone. I have a 2002 RAV4 2.0 Manual. I’ve been having problems with my speedo dropping out and my engine light coming on, and yes 100% it’s the VSS. When this fault happens (speedo drops to 0) my lights start strobing to the revolution of my wheels ? So in other words the faster I go...
1-20 of 23 Results