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  1. Swimming/Surfing with manual key 2014 AWD Cruiser

    4.4 General
    Hi all, If I go for a surf, I hide my FOB in the car and lock it with the manual key. Will someone be able to start the car if they smash a window and gain entry?
  2. Key Successfully Programmed using TS but lock unlock button is not working (2018 RAV4 LE)

    4.4 General
    I am successfully able to program a new key fob (3 Button non smart key) using the TS. I am able to start the car but lock and unlock button is not working. Any help in this regard will be appreciated. TechStream Version: 14.30.023 Cable Used: Mini VCI Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit Thank You
  3. Key Fob help !!!

    4.4 General
    I apologize if there is already a forum/discussion board for this issue. I am a new member with little knowledge how this site works. Now onto my issue Midway through the day my key fob just stopped working; as in locking and unlocking my vehicle (2015 Rav4 XLE). I can lock/unlock and start my...
  4. Lost or Stolen key fob at the dealership

    4.5 General
    Has anyone had any experience dealing with a lost or stolen key fob at a dealership? what did the dealership due?
  5. keyfob blade came out

    4.3 General
    Hello, I have toyota rav4 2006 V6 3.5 and yesterday the blade came off out of the keyfob. is there any way we can fix it or xfer to another shell ? or i will have to buy a new key. I was searching in ebay but did not find an option This is the nearest i found to be Ebay link but i see the...
  6. Programming 2007 RAV4 key

    4.3 Interior
    This may be a FAQ, but maybe not! My 2007 Rav's key fobs (integrated in the key) are looking terrible with the buttons falling out, I decided it was time for replacements. After calling the dealer for a laugh, I talked to a couple locksmiths who both recommended I buy the blank key+fob on...
  7. The Secret Way to Remote Start on you key fob

    4.5 Rav4 Electric Hybrid
    Hey guys! I just learned this from my sales person at the dealership I went to, if you press the lock button, wait about have a second and press it again, and then wait about half a second and hold it down for 3 seconds it will start the car straight from the key fob instead of using the app...