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led lights

  1. Looking for angel eye headlights

    4.1 Accessories
    Hi I am wondering if there is anywhere that still sell the angel eye style headlights for a 1998 Rav4, and preferably ship internationally. I have seen a few European sites but don't ship internationally. Or even if there is anyone here that have some and are wanting to sell them I would be...
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  3. Interior LED Upgrade RAV4 Hyrbid XSE 2020

    4.5 Exterior
    Hello Guys, On my 2018 Adventure I went with Philips 6000k all around. This time I am deciding between Sylvania/Philips for my map lights. I would like to get your guys opinion, what do you recommend? Once done with this mini-project I will move into upgrading my fog lights bulbs.
  4. Anyone install extra LED lights in Hatch Door?

    4.5 Interior
    Hello, I have a hybrid version of RAV4, I found that Hatch Door has two covers, it can be removed, and I found that others replaced these two covers with LED lights. The video is as follows, I'm interested. Has anyone installed it? Does it affect the warranty? Thank you