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lifted rav4

  1. Installation of lift kit in rav4 98

    4.2 D.I.Y. and Modifications
    I Dear Guys, I would like to know can I install the lift kit to my 1st generation rav4, whereas my car is 100% stock or I have to change the suspension or spring or anything else, The question is know is it possible to install the lift kit 40mm without changing the tyre wheel spring or any rest...
  2. Need lots of advice and help on lift kits

    4.1 General
    So my first car is a 4wd Manual 1999 rav4 and I’ve been thinking it would Be fun to pimp out and ride high like my other friends and have a different kind of trail car. Is there anyway I can get High lift kits? Such as 4 inches? I was planning on throwing 31s or 33s and throwing spacers on and...
  3. Northwoods Performance springs/suspension, exhaust, and skid plate install

    4.4 Mechanical
    I finished installing all of the Northwoods Performance Goodies on our 2015 RAV4. First thank you to those on here that posted before me and Nathan at Northwoods Performance for answering my questions about the mods and upgrading my wheels and tires. Second.... this car is soooo cool and...