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  1. 4.3 Exterior
    Hi. I was cleaning my car today and noticed a quite large crack in my muffler (see image). I've had the car for 1 year and never noticed anything wrong with the exhaust system like sound, odor etc. Anyone have any experience with fixing this? is it dangerous to keep driving? Is it possible to...
  2. 4.1 Faults & Fixes
    Good morning! Today, I looked under my car and saw a broken strap hanging from my exhaust. It seems to have rusted out. After pulling on it, I found it was loose and it slid right off. I'm sure I'm not calling this the right name for it to come up on the search results on the forum. What...
  3. 4.2 Faults & Fixes
    2001 Toyota RAV4, base model. There seem to be three issues. In declining order of apparent urgency: Issue 1) I'm using this parts diagram as a reference: Exhaust Components for 2001 Toyota RAV4 | Toyota Parts Center My Muffler to Center Pipe (Resonator) seems to have come apart. It seems...
  4. 4.3 Mechanical
    Hello, I live in Norther Virginia near DC and recently I failed VA state inspection due to exhaust and brake issues. Mechanic told me I have to replace muffler and center pipe and rear axle brake rotors & pads and quoted prices (parts+labor) as following. Muffler & center pipe replacement ...
  5. 4.3 General
    I have a dynomax muffler to install but I thought I would see how a straight pipe sounds it’s pretty loud
  6. 4.3 Mechanical
    When I shift into reverse and accelerate, this muffler bangs against the floor and I can hear the sound of the engine exhaust resonate through the body of the vehicle. My assumption is a motor mount has worn out but I'd like to hear from people who've experienced this and find out what their...
  7. 4.5 Mechanical
    Has anyone thought about or replaced the stock exhaust tips or replaced the muffler? At the least replace those stock tips. Maybe a little more growl?
1-7 of 7 Results