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  1. 4.5 General
    So I am in the process of buying a used Rav4 Trail that does not have the navigation system package, but I do a lot of travelling where there is minimal cell service. Is there already a navigation system installed that I can activate or do I have to install an external GPS antenna and some...
  2. 4.4 Interior
    just purchased a 2017 rav4 limited with integrated nav and when i press the navigation button, nothing happens. opened setup to select an address and it said 'no map data' checked and the map card is in the sd card slot
  3. 4.5 Interior
    A couple of questions about the implementation of Android Auto on the 2020's. I'm looking at getting into an XLE Hybrid with all options (Weather, Convenience, and Audio Plus) and was wondering if the Android Auto works the same on the RAV4 as it does on our 2018 Tiguan. Actually, I imagine it...
  4. 4.5 Interior
    So, we just bought a 2019 RAV4 XLE, with the base Entune 3.0 system. I'd heard so much hatred on this forum about the infotainment system and navigation that I was bracing for the worst. Before I even bought the car, I was already researching different heads to replace the stock head with an...