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  1. 4.5 General
    Can someone tell me what the lights on the Ecco panel for the AC means when it is on ? I found out that when the led green light are on, the item it contols is off. That is kind of opposite of what the green light means, as we are use to a green light meaning go or run. Can someone fill me on...
  2. 4.5 RAV4 Hybrid (except Prime)
    Posting for my girlfriend with a 2018 RAV 4 LTD Hybrid. I changed the oil on her RAV4 the other day and noticed that there was partly no undercarriage panel for the oil pan and exhaust. She bought the vehicle used, but has never seen the bottom of the vehicle. (See picture*) The surrounding...
  3. 4.4 Interior
    I have a 2016 XLE and there is an extremely annoying squeak that is coming behind the garnish sub assembly panel. Specifically, to the left of the glove box. While someone is driving, if I press my knee up against that corner of the panel, the squeaking stops. The pitch of the squeak varies and...
1-3 of 3 Results