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power liftgate

  1. Power liftgate only opens a bit then stops. Replaced ECU. Help!

    4.4 General
    Hello everyone, first post. We have a 2016 limited with the power liftgate which is having issues. When you open it with the key fob or the button on the lift gate itself, the door pops open a few inches then just stops and beeps. if you try to open it manually once it has popped open a few...
  2. Power Liftgate Noise and Manual Operation

    4.4 General
    I have a 2016 Limited that has a power liftgate that has made loud noises opening and closing, some times louder than others. Just to be clear this post is not about the ECU recall from a few years back. The liftgate functions perfectly when under power. I recently disabled the power lift...
  3. Item stuck in liftgate latch

    4.4 General
    Hi, Someone accidentally got a piece of plastic from a baby car seat carrier cover stuck between the liftgate and the latch. Now it won't open with the remote. Can we simply go back there and cut away the plastic, hoping it'll work again?
  4. Doors won't lock when power liftgate is closing

    4.4 General
    Recently I have been closing the powered liftgate on my 2017 XLE and clicking the lock button from the keyfob to lock the doors but as soon as the trunk closes it starts beeping as if the car has felt some kind of movement not fully triggering the alarm but setting off some beeps. If I do not...