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  1. 4.4 Mechanical
    Hi! I changed my rear drive shaft in april 2021 on my 2013 RAV4 which had 125 000 km. The new one, which is NOT an original (jobber), has only 20 000 km since then. But a mechanics told me it has to be changed. There was a one year garantee only. Is there anything I can do to have it changed...
  2. 4.3 Mechanical
    2007 2.4 L -All fuses are good, test out/been replaced ...even dreaded 120A - ALT (fusible link) which didnt blow-replaced anyway. * Still NO: PS / PW / SHIFT LOCK RELEASE / ALL WARNING DASH LIGHTS ON * Everything else works fine...
  3. 4.2 General
    Hello guys I’m posting this because I recently purchased a cheap rav4 with transmission problems in hopes that I would fix it. The rav4 doesn’t shift into any gear. It doesn’t move, shutter, or move in anyway. After some digging around and researching I found out that this year rav4 has the ECU...
  4. 4.4 General
    When I bought the car about a little more than a year ago, it didn’t seem there was anything wrong. A little less than a week I had to get the torque converter. About more than a month ago, I was on a trip with my RAV. I headed into the mountains near me (about a one and a half hour drive)...
  5. 4.4 Interior
    Hi everyone, my vent control knob in my 2015 is stuck completely( no play at all). Has anyone had this issue? Any idea what the culprit may be?
  6. 4.4 Mechanical
    I have a 2013 RAV 4 looking to buy the best Window Deflectors. I heard the weathertech deflectors can interfere with the auto power window?
  7. 4.2 Faults & Fixes
    Just bought this 2004 RAV4 in June 2020. It only has 82,000 miles. When driving over 50mph, then start decelerating it sometimes has a Vibration from 50 to 40 mph. This mostly happens while going on level road or down hill. Mechanics can't determine what it is.They said, Front end is tight.So...
1-7 of 7 Results