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  1. Android head unit for 2013 Rav4 Limited with JBL

    4.4 Interior
    Hi friends, hope you are all well and safe. I have ordered an android radio for my 2013 Rav4's (there are several good ones in Aliexpress). But currently, I have an issue with the installation. My Rav4 is a limited version, with a large touchscreen monitor and JBL system, and the cables from...
  2. SiriusXM Button Disappeared from the Source Menu

    4.4 Interior
    I have a 2015 Rav4 Limited, and I have loved the car since I got it, except the radio. Just over a week ago, I swapped out the stock radio for a 3rd party radio, and it ended up not doing what I needed it to do, so I am returning it today. After I reinstalled the radio, I made sure all the...
  3. Rav 4 Radio firmware update 59029

    4.3 Interior
    hello people, i am new here and i hope i post this in the right forum topic. I just bought my first RAV 4 2012 after having a Mazda en Peugeot before! I got a radio/nav 59029 i want to update the firmware is that possible? There a not a lot to find on the internet about the 59029 update...
  4. Speakers make loud static noise. Radio wont play music. Doesn't stop until ignition is off. What can it be?

    4.3 Interior
    Hey guys. This is actually my first ever post here on this forum so sorry if I bring up a thread that's already been discussed. The other day, I went to startup my car and when I turned the ignition to the "On" position the speakers made this super loud static noise. It was ear piercing. I...
  5. Getting Bluetooth on factory stereo that didn’t come with Bluetooth

    4.3 Interior
    Hey everyone, I was looking for stereo options that had Bluetooth capability. I Didn’t really want to spend money on a new stereo because I don’t mind the factory one (with the exception of it not having Bluetooth). After searching for cheaper stereos with Bluetooth capability I came across a...
  6. 2019 Rav4 LE Amp Install

    4.5 Interior
    I am making a quick post for installing a amp with the stock radio without cutting the OEM harness. I'm sorry if this could look better, this is my first post. Things you can get if you want to copy or mimic. Metra MC918-20 / Stereo Speed-Wire Kicker 45KEY1804 4-channel 45 x 4 2018+ Camry...